Do you sell Gift Cards?

We sure do! You can purchase by popping into any one of our locations or click here.

Why is Super Duper so expensive?

We focus on making meals with the best and freshest ingredients, like humanely-raised beef that is ground fresh each day, organic chicken, and Straus Family Dairy’s organic cream for our ice cream cones, sundaes and shakes.

Our commitment to freshness and quality means higher prices than you’d find at traditional fast-food burger chains. It also means food that tastes way better — because, well, it is.

Where does your beef come from?

We source our humanely-raised, vegetarian-fed beef from local, family-owned ranches. We use an 80% to 20% protein to fat blend, a mixture of the lean protein and the marbling found on in a cut of steak for our ground beef. The mixture is ground daily, and thus, our burgers taste like a high quality steak.

Why aren’t you guys in the East Coast?

The east coast is just so far away. Besides, our commitment to being local, and working with all of our great local partners, with whom we have longstanding relationships, means the West Coast is our home.

Do you have gluten free options?

No. but we do offer a no-bread burger option with lettuce, but we cannot guarantee that it will be gluten-free, as all of our sauces contain gluten. However, our ketchup and mustard are gluten-free and are always available.

Why don’t you guys have sweet potato fries?

We’ve worked hard since day 1 to perfect three items—the burger, French fries, and milkshakes—and we continue to focus on these three items. Our quest for perfection never sleeps! Additionally, some of our kitchens are not equipped for the addition of another fryer to support the production of sweet potato fries. Another fryer would interrupt the quality of our French fries.

Where do you get that amazing bun?

We get our bread from a local supplier who makes it by hand each morning and delivers our bread to all of our locations fresh each day. The bread is made using our secret recipe and it can only be found at our restaurants.

Are there any nuts in your facilities?

No (aside from the loveable Super Duper staff).

Do you have a kids’ meal?

No but our mini combo—our 4 oz. mini burger (can be cooked well), French fries and a child-sized milkshake—can stand in as one. We can also make grilled cheese.

Which allergies do we need to look out for?

Gluten, dairy and egg allergies. (Our sauces are made with pasteurized eggs.)

Do you have any vegan options?

Our veggie patties, while not gluten-free, are a popular vegan option. Enjoy it on its own, or wrapped in lettuce without the Super Sauce. We can also substitute our buns for our vegan ciabatta bread. Our Super Salads are a another vegan option.

What makes your burgers so incredibly juicy?

We start with all-natural beef that is about 20% fat. We grind it daily and season it only with salt and pepper — nothing else. It’s never frozen. It never sits. In other words, we do everything we can to keep those juices locked in the meat until it’s cooked.

We cook ’em hot and fast on a flat top grill to keep all that tasty goodness where it belongs.

How do you make so many burgers at one time?

You know in Star Trek how Scotty loves his warp engines? That’s how we feel about our grills. Super Duper Burgers are cooked on amazing chrome grills that put out super high heat. This means we’re able to cook each patty 1 minute per side — helping us achieve our signature Super Duper taste (and Super Duper service).

Do you guys have a customer loyalty program?

No, but we are really good at recognizing our regulars and we take good care of them! Also, every year we celebrate Super Duper Day, a day during which each location gives away free burgers to the first 100 guests in line at each location. It’s a party for us and for the Bay Area community!

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Do you offer beer and wine?

Yes. Unlike traditional burger joints, we understand the importance of a beer and a burger. We work with local producers to bring you a great selection of beer and wine.

Insider’s tip:
Order a glass of beer or wine during happy hour (5PM-7PM, Sunday – Friday) and we’ll give you a free order of French fries.


Why are your lines so long?

When something tastes as super as Super Duper, lines are inevitable (yes, even at our Mill Valley drive thru). The good news is they move pretty quickly. The better news is those lines lead to something fresh and tasty and made to order.

Some of our locations, like our Chestnut Street location, take phone-in orders all-day, everyday.

Contact our individual restaurants to learn if your location accepts phone-in orders.

How do we select our partners?

Whether it’s the signage inside our restaurant or the beer we serve, we’re loyal to our partners and have been working with them for a long time. However, we are always interested in hearing from you! Please email us.

Do you do catering or to-go orders?

Our number one priority is delivering high quality, great tasting burgers in our restaurant. We don’t cater and don’t (usually) take advance to-go orders because we want every burger we hand you to be hot and fresh.


Certain locations, depending on the time of day, will prepare to-go orders. Please contact your closest location to learn more.

Is Super Duper a franchise?

No. Every Super Duper is owned and operated by San Francisco-based restaurant group.

Is Super Duper a chain?

No. We’re a group of local burger joints.